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BATEAU 2022 RIB 5 mètres.

8 personnes.


Boat Rental in Port Pollensa
Rib Charter Port de Pollensa


RIB 5 mètres.

8 personnes.

40 cv hors-bord LICENCE NÉCESSAIRE




RIB 6mt.

jusqu'à 9 personnes.

Hors-bord 115cv


new RIB 6 mt, 2023 on crystal water: high speed and low fuel consumption

Vidéos de l'expérience de location de bateaux à Pollensa

4. formentor light house.JPG


- RIB 4,30mt. - 15 CV, max. 4 personnes.
(2 personnes recommandé)
DEMI-JOURNEE (4 heures) 150€
JOURNEE COMPLETE (8 heures) 250€


rib 430 - LOW COST OFFER - perfect boat for a couple
RIB 4,30 mt  - LOW COST OFFER - perfect for a couple
sa fortaleza desde cielo.jpeg

Nos embarcaciones de
5 MT / 6 MT 


  • Nouveau concept d'embarcation.

  • Spécialement conçu par nos pour les charters à la journée après plus de 30 ans d'expérience dans la navigation de plaisance

  • bateaux large et très stable en mer !

  • Hors-bord Yamaha nouvelle génération, fiable, basse consommation, peu bruyant.

  • Un coussin bain de soleil spacieux à l'avant

  • Grand parasol.

  • Coussins de tête pour être comme sur un canapé

  • Deux marches à l'arrière.

  • Escalier d'inox sur le côté. 

  • Rangement sous les sièges.

Best day during our holiday in Mallorca on a rented boat by B.R.F.. My family and I we are nature lovers and we asked to the Team to show us the best hidden spots in the Natural Parc of Formentor, declared World Heritage by Unesco. The team supplied us an app with a personalized map (which we have uploaded) created by the Boat Rental Formentor Team and we have reached the amazing spots following that instructions. The 6 meters boat is new with great performances at sea. The powerful engine is super silent with an extremely low consumption: after cruising far away up to Colomer Island, passing Cape Formentor and the famous Cala Figuera, after returning to the port we have used only 27 Liters of gasoline. The Team has assisted us professionally in everything!

Will Lester

It was a successful day! The reservation and the whole process was very easy and uncomplicated! The owner was very friendly and helpful with all matters and also gave us tips for our tour. The boat was already ready and we were able to leave after a brief briefing. There was enough space for 8 people! Thank you for the big day!!


What a day! The new Zodilux 5 metres is comparable to a Mercedes Benz; we were 8 people on board and what a comfortable and luxurious experience. One of the best parts was an app shared with us previous to the trip by B.R.F. team which is a very useful guide for the coastal navigation and once onboard works like a GPS plotter showing the best spots for anchoring , this make the navigation safe and pleasant! The engine was limited to 15 hp so we could drive it without licence: However the speed of the boat allows us to reach Formentor beach in about half an hour, listening our favourite music with the Bluetooth system installed on board. Thanks to Boat Rental Formentor for allows us to enjoy the best and unforgettable day during our holidays !

Karen Dunne-Squire

Location de bateaux à Puerto Pollensa (Localisation)

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